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Paula Creamer

Rising To The Top of the LPGA

Paula put her frustrating second season on the LPGA Tour behind her in the season-opening SBS Open. Paula is only 20-years-old and has won her third LPGA Tour title. It was her first win in 19 months. She held off Julieta Granada by a stroke to take the win. "It is a little relief off my shoulders," said Paula, who earned $165,000. "I just hope it's a good season. I know I've worked hard and hopefully I'll be standing here a couple more times."

Paula is one of the most promising new stars in the LPGA. Will she be the next Annika Sorenstam? Will she exceed what Annika has done? I can't say for sure, but I expect great things from her. "She's competitive to the hilt, been like that since she was little. It's not mean-spirited ... it's just at times it's like there are two Paulas. She's never been satisfied just doing something. She wants to do it better than anyone else", says her Dad.

Paula's favorite color is pink. In fact, she wears pink so much her nickname is the Pink Panther. In an interview with she said, "Pink is my favorite color because it is so cheerful and it comes in many different shades. When I look at pink it makes me happy. I have this old pink stuffed animal that I have had for a long time. It is almost falling apart but it travels with me everywhere I go."


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